Canton Business website redesign.





Increase membership for The Canton Association of Business and Industry (CABI)

CABI had a business of the month program but didn’t call any attention to it on the website. My team and I came up with the idea of leveraging the the program as an incentive to become a member. A section of the homepage was designed to showcase the business of the month. A member of CABI would get the opportunity to have a small description of their business and a link to their website on the homepage. A blog section was also added to the homepage so members could come to the site and see what events were going on without having to do much searching.

The CABI logo was also resigned to reflect the new sophisticated website. I wanted to make the site have a professional business look with some friendly local small business flavor added in. Since green is the town color for Canton I wanted to keep with that theme but add some greys and brighter greens to give the site a polished look.

Role on project: Lead visual designer and team contributor for web architecture
Web type: Avenir Next and Bembo
CMS WordPress
Photography: Mix of stock and on location photos

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