Village at Proprietors Green

Senior living community website redesign.




Increase awareness for the Village at Proprietors Green independent living rental community. The community wanted to boost their population of retired seniors in their IL communities. The stakeholders also wanted a site that reflected the communities other featured living spaces: assisted living and memory care.

My team and I went to the facility and learned about the inquiry process and identified what type of personas contact the sales department. We put those personas into two groups. Group A was identified as adult children ages 40s-50s inquiring for their parent/parents. Group A’s stress levels could be high due to having to make difficult decisions on behalf of their parent/parents. Group B was identified as the retirees ages 60s-70s who would inquire about rental space for themselves. Group B’s stress levels were moderate based on the idea that they were able to make their own decisions.

In developing the visual language for the site I wanted to create a calm experience on the web by using a soothing color palette to lower the users stress level. I also wanted to communicate with color the three living space options at the Village at Proprietors Green. Aqua or vibrant green was used for independent living, soft green for assisted living and purple for memory care.

Adding imagery that reflected a vibrant youthful community would also increase inquiry for independent living housing. Footer CTAs were designed on particular pages to navigate the user to contact The Village at Proprietors Green.

Role on project: Lead web designer, contributor to web architecture
Web type: Adobe Garamond and Avenir
Photography: Stock

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